Castellana was designed in 2018 in Civita Castellana, cradle of Italian ceramics tradition. Over the years, Scarabeo has had the aim of revisiting and recover tradition with particular attention to the evolution of the bathroom. Castellana brings us back to a classic and elegant atmosphere with creations filled with made in Italy artisanship. The bathroom thought as an intimate and comfortable space. A daily place where you can relax your mind and spirit. Atmospheres, which give life to a unique and unrepeatable domestic curtain. Castellana: precious shapes coming to life from expert artisan hands. The preciousness of the material and of its own manufacturing enhances the charm of these bathrooms, in an expansion of temporal suggestions connecting past and present. Castellana, practical in its sinuous shapes, confirms the desire of playing the starring role in the bathroom. The soft sparkle coming from the ceramics surface lightens the space by creating a corner in which rediscover yourself. Characteristic and refined shapes become nonchalant, dynamic and flexible maintaining anyway intact its own classical features. Castellana interprets the bon-ton as concept of space, embracing and enhancing it with warm atmospheres where all the elements find a perfect balance. Castellana, suspended and sinuous shapes creating a warm and suggestive atmosphere. Wash basins designed to enjoy life and projected towards simplicity and elegance.